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Kati Basti back pain oil treatment 60 min €85

In the Ayurvedic Kati Basti oil treatment, the pain point of the body is treated with heated therapeutic oil. The area to be treated is often in the back area, lower back, middle back or upper back. Edges, a kind of cup, are made from stiff dough around the pain point. Warm oil is poured into this cup, which treats the pain point, relieves muscle tension, improves blood circulation and helps remove waste products. The therapeutic ingredients of the oil are slowly absorbed through the skin into the tissues of the pain point, which brings a therapeutic effect.

Kati Basti oil treatment can be combined with either a 15 min (€25) or 30 min (€46) Ayurvedic abhyanga massage as an additional treatment. Abhyanga back massage all over. The therapeutic effect of the Kati Basti treatment extends to the entire back with Abhyanga massage. Back mobility improves and posture straightens.



Netra Basti eye oil treatment 60 min €85

Ayurvedic Netra Basti oil treatment treats tired and strained eyes. Edges, a kind of cups, are molded from the solid dough around the eyes. Warmed therapeutic oil or ghee is poured into these cups. Oil treatment calms and refreshes the eyes, improves blurred vision and relieves pain in the head area, which is related to eye strain. Netra Basti reduces redness and swelling of the eyes. After the treatment, the eyes are brighter.

In the Netra Basti treatment, the aim is to keep the eyes open, with the oil on the eyes. Many people are nervous about opening their eyes, especially during the first treatment. When you dare to open your eyes, the experience becomes very relaxing, perhaps surprisingly pleasant for many. The eyes can also be closed during the treatment. The healing effect of the oil/ghee also reaches the eyes in this way, although a little less than when the eyes are open.

In today's life, the eyes are strained due to terminal work, constant viewing of various screens and brightly lit environments, both at home and in cities. In addition, air pollution, street dust and dry indoor air strain the eyes. Netra Basti oil treatment restores the eyes' natural moisture and strengthens the eyes against external stimuli.



Janu Basti knee oil treatment 60 min €90

 Ayurvedic Janu Basti oil treatment removes pain and swelling from the knees. The knee joints carry a large part of the body's weight, and when they are painful, the condition of the knee joints can clearly deteriorate when the joints have to bear this weight under stress. Janu Basti treatment eases this cycle of pain and gives a chance for the knee joints to return to good condition.

In the Janu Basti oil treatment, a cup is made of stiff dough around the knee joints, into which heated Ayurvedic oil is poured. The warm oil allows the nourishing ingredients of the oil to be absorbed through the skin into painful tissues and around the knee joints. The heat of the oil itself relaxes the joints, improves blood circulation and helps waste products to leave the area of the knee joints.

Janu Basti oil treatment can be combined with either a 15 min (€25) or 30 min (€46) Ayurvedic abhyanga massage as an additional treatment. Abhyanga massage refreshes the legs along their entire length. The therapeutic effect of Janu Basti treatment is deepened by means of Abhyanga massage. The legs feel fresher and movement is easier.

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