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Shiatsu is a Japanese holistic treatment. Different meridians and zones of the body are treated in Shiatsu. Meridians are treated and opened with finger pressure, full palm pressure and massage. 



Reiki is an energy treatment developed by the Japanese Mikao Usui in the 1920s, where universal Ki energy is channeled to the patient. In acupuncture treatments, therapeutic and healing energy is transmitted through the hands of the nurse to the patient. 


Classical massage

Classic massage is a traditional Western massage that has several beneficial effects on the body. Classic massage invigorates the blood circulation and thus improves oxygen supply to the muscles. Massage reduces muscle tension and pain.


Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is an effective western massage that opens both superficial and deep muscle tension. In deep tissue massage, the muscles are massaged with firm, gentle strokes that target the deep layers of the muscles. 

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Treatment packages

In Naturaisthoitola Saraswati, you can take care of yourself with relaxing and effective treatment packages. The treatment package is a combination of two different treatments. You get an effective and versatile treatment package at an affordable price. 

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Other treatments

Special massages and treatments: Chocolate massage, joint massage, Cellulite massage and scalp massage. Find out more!

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