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The Organic Chocolate Massage is a warming and relaxing treatment that gently removes stress. The massage uses warm organic coconut oil that contains organic dark chocolate. The mixture is self-made, pure and additive-free. Organic chocolate rich in flavonoids and coconut oil containing good fatty acids together moisturize and care for the skin. The smell of chocolate has a relaxing effect. Soothing and effective massage techniques bring peace and a happy feeling. The treatment includes a small chocolate gift!



  • Organic Chocolate Massage €75



Cellulite is both cosmetic and affects health. Filled fat cells put pressure on the vascular systems of the blood and lymphatic channels. Cellulite massage removes the cosmetic harm of cellulite and improves the metabolism of the superficial tissue. Cellulite massage starts with effective dry brushing, which revs up the metabolism and promotes the removal of waste products. After dry brushing, Weleda birch oil intended for the treatment of cellulite is applied to the body, which softens already formed cellulite and prevents the formation of new cellulite. The body is massaged with activating movements, which increases the absorption of birch oil and the removal of cellulite. Massage refreshes tired members and activates the body.



  • Cellulite massage 30 min - buttocks and thighs - €35

  • Cellulite massage 45 min - buttocks, thighs and legs - €48

  • Cellulite massage 60 min - stomach, buttocks, thighs, legs - €62




Joint massage removes pain from joints and muscles. In joint massage, the joints are treated with light but effective massage techniques. Massage revs up the metabolism, so that pain substances are removed from the joints faster. The acupoints around the joints are pressed and massaged, which triggers muscle tension and facilitates the mobility of the joints. Joint massage uses a special oil blend that contains pain-relieving essential oils such as ginger oil and marjoram oil. The massage oil warms the muscles and joints and refreshes the feeling.


  • Joint massage 30 min - €35

  • Joint massage 60 min - 60 €

  • Joint massage 75 min - €70


Scalp massage relieves scalp problems such as dryness, rash, itching and flaking. Scalp massage treats the skin of the head and scalp in a revitalizing, balancing and moisturizing way. Scalp massage stimulates blood circulation and skin regeneration. Scalp massage is done by pressing the scalp marma or acupoints with fingers and palms. Treating the scalp refreshes the blood circulation of the scalp and contributes to the balancing of the scalp. Weleda's mild marigold oil is used in the massage. Calendula oil is very suitable for sensitive skin and restores the moisture balance of the scalp.



  • Scalp massage 30 min €35

  • Scalp massage 45 min €45

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