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= Ayurvedic marma massage & Reiki energy healing combo

The wellness treatment combines the positive effects of Ayurvedic marma massage and Reiki energy healing. The treatment opens both physical blockages and the flow of energy. The massage oil used in marma massage is selected individually for each treatment.

The treatment begins with a marma massage, which relaxes the muscles and warms the body. The treatment of the marmas, i.e. the body's energy points, opens up tensions in large areas of the body. Marma massage activates blood circulation and fluid circulation. 

Reiki energy treatment is done after the massage, when the body and mind are in an open and receptive state. Reiki is a universal energy that heals, opens and balances on many levels. The therapist transmits Reiki through his/her hands. Reiki energy treats, for example, muscle pains, energy blockages and the level of mind and emotions. The effect of Reiki treatment is often relaxing and calming, also holistically energizing.


Ayurvedic marma massage and Reiki energy therapy support each other.  The feeling is deeply relaxed after the Well-being treatment.



Wellness treatment 60 min €75

- Ayurvedic marma massage 45 min &
Reiki energy treatment 15 min

Wellness treatment 90 min €104

- Ayurvedic marma massage 60 min &
Reiki energy therapy 30 min


Series cards:

  • 3 x 60 min €195 (norm. €225) -13%

  • 5 x 60 min €318 (norm. €375) -15%

  • 3 x 90 min €262 (norm. €312) -14%

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