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Shiatsu is a Japanese holistic treatment. Different meridians and zones of the body are treated in Shiatsu. The meridians are treated and opened with finger pressure, full palm pressure and massage. The entire meridian is treated in the treated area (e.g. back or legs), which brings a deep muscle-relaxing and opening effect. Shiatsu releases muscle tension, removes muscle pain and increases energy circulation throughout the body. Shiatsu is usually done on the whole body. Shorter Shiatsu treatments are for the neck-shoulder area, back and head area. Shiatsu of the neck, shoulder area and head relaxes and refreshes the mind. Shiatsu takes place on a soft surface on the floor.

Shiatsu can treat several sudden or prolonged ailments. Shiatsu helps with e.g. migraines, menstrual problems, flu, tension, insomnia, headaches. Shiatsu helps to cleanse the body of waste products. When coming to Shiatsu, it is good to bring comfortable and non-tight clothes. It is also good to avoid eating a large meal right before the treatment. 

Shiatsu is performed by a masseuse and an Ayurvedic therapistEeva from Sweden.


  • Shiatsu 45 min - neck and shoulder area, head and back area - €63

  • Shiatsu 60 min – full body massage shorter – €75

  • Shiatsu 75 min - full body massage - €92

  • Shiatsu 90 min – full body massage longer – €104


Serial card for Shiatsu:

  • 3 x 45 min €166 (norm. €189) -12%

  • 3 x 60 min €195 (norm. €225) -13%

  • 3 x 75 min €237 (norm. €276) -14%

  • 5 x 60 min €318 (norm. €375) -15%

  • 3 x 90 min €262 (norm. €312) -14%

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