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Shirodhara treatment calms the mind, relieves stress, refreshes and renews. Shirodhara also helps to get rid of emotional blockages. In the Shirodhara treatment, heated sesame oil or organic milk is poured onto the forehead and hairline. The customer's dosha, i.e. Ayurvedic body-mind type, is first mapped and either oil or milk is selected according to the dosha. Sesame oil is suitable for Vata type and milk is suitable for Pitta type. If necessary, soothing herbs such as lavender, chamomile or rose can be added to the oil.

The effect of the Shirodhara treatment comes from a light flowing movement on the forehead and top of the head. Shirodahara means flow in the area of the head (shiro=flow, dhara=head). This light and soothing flow helps stop the flow of excessive thoughts and makes it easier to fall asleep. Shirodhara is an effective treatment for prolonged stress and insomnia.

Shirodhara treatment works best when combined with Ayurvedic abhyanga massage. Abhyanga massage is a gentle and deep treatment that calms the body's nervous system and relaxes the muscles. Abhyanga massage uses warm oil, which increases the relaxing effect of the treatment.


After the Shirodhara treatment, it is important to protect the head area with a natural fiber scarf or cotton cloth for an hour or two. If you wish, you can bring your own scarf to the treatment. Alternatively, you can get a disposable cotton cloth from our nursing pad. After the treatment, it is good to take a warm shower and wash the milk/oil off the hair. There is no shower facility in our clinic.


  • Shirodhara treatment 30 min €53

  • Shirodhara treatment 45 min €75


Shirodara treatment + Ayurvedic treatment packages:

  • Shirodhara treatment 30 min & Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage 60 min €116 (norm. €128)

  • Shirodhara treatment 45 min & Ayurvedic marma massage for the soles of the feet 15 min €90 (norm. €100)

Come for a revitalizing Shirodhara treatment or give a lovely gift card to a loved one!

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