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Are you interested in finding out your own body-mind type, or dosha? Would you like to know which foods, forms of exercise and lifestyle balance your own dosha? In an Ayurvedic consultation, we find out each individual dosha distribution and give simple diet and lifestyle instructions. With the help of diet, sleep patterns, exercise and meditation, you can achieve balance, well-being and joy in life.


Ayurvedic consultations and prices:

  • Consultation 30 min €56

  • Consultation 45 min €78

  • Consultation 60 min €95


The consultation begins with answering the questions on the Ayurvedic questionnaire. The form has questions related to each dosha. The consultation continues with the therapist's questions. Additional questions supplement the answers given in the questionnaire. Both the current dosha distribution and possible previous dosha distributions are clarified. In most people, the distribution of doshas changes according to age, stages of life and environment. Once the current dosha range has been clarified, practical instructions are given regarding diet, hobbies and lifestyle. In the consultation, advice is given, for example, on the use of herbs and spices that balance one's own dosha.


The consultation can be combined with Ayurvedic treatments:

  • Ayurvedic marma massage

  • Ayurvedic neck and shoulder treatment

  • Ayurvedic sports massage

  • Ayurvedic thermal massage


Ongoing package offer:

  • Consultation 30 min and Ayurvedic marma massage 90 min €145 (norm. €160)


Prices include VAT. 24%.

Marjo ja Terry saraswati helsinki

Ayurvedic consultation is provided by Terry Thomas. Next to Marjo Kettunen.

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