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Saraswati hieronta, ayurvedinen hieronta

Ayurvedic massages

Ayurvedic marma massage is a holistic treatment that balances the body and mind. In the massage, the body's marmas, or energy points, are treated with various pressures and strokes. This releases energy flow in the body and triggers muscle tension effectively. 

Saraswati intialainen päähieronta, ayurvedinen hieronta

Shirodhara treatments

Shirodhara treatment calms the mind, relieves stress, refreshes and renews. Shirodhara also helps to get rid of emotional blockages. In the Shirodhara treatment, heated sesame oil or organic milk is poured onto the forehead and hairline. 

auyrvedinen basti hoito

Ayurvedic Basti treatments

In the Ayurvedic Kati Basti oil treatment, the pain point of the body is treated with heated therapeutic oil. The area to be treated is often in the back area, lower back, middle back or upper back.



Wellness treatments

The well-being treatment combines the positive effects of Ayurvedic marma massage and Reiki energy therapy. The treatment opens both physical blockages and the flow of energy. The massage oil used in marmalade is selected individually for each treatment. 

intialainen päähieronta helsinki

Indian head massages

Indian head massage is a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment. In the massage, the upper back, shoulders, neck and head are treated without oil, with clothes on. The massage treatments are versatile and varied. The intensity of the massage varies from soft to firm.

intialainen päähieronta helsinki

Additional Ayurvedic treatments

Additional Ayurvedic treatment can be combined with Ayurvedic or Classical massage. Create your own wonderful treatment package and get a versatile treatment package in one go.



Ayurvedic consultations

Are you interested in finding out your own body-mind type, or dosha? Would you like to know which foods, forms of exercise and lifestyle balance your own dosha? 


Ayurvedic products

You can get effective Ayurvedic herbal medicines from our treatment room. 

ayurveda matkat

Ayurveda trips to Kerala, India

We arrange customized 
Ayurveda and yoga trips to Kerala, India. 


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